Tori: Curly Girl Method // Staple Products // Protective Styling Week 3 & 4 (Day 21)

If you follow my YT channel, you know I’ve been doing the Curly Girl Method for some months now. I’m about 7 months in and my hair is shinier, retains moisture better, and is more manageable than it’s ever been. My curls clump better, my hair is less frizzy, the curls are more springy. This method has taught me so much about my hair and what it needs. The products are cheap (at least, the ones I use) and my regimen is less time consuming. What natural doesn’t want that?? I wish I had some pictures, but unfortunately the ones I do have are either too dark or at too much of a distance to show any detail. If I can pull some good ones off of my old phone, I’ll post them.

At last, I have finally found my staple products! -celebration dance- The best part about it is the price! My Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner is $2, my bentonite clay I order wholesale for $2/lb and my mango butter, also wholesale, for $10/lb (not including shipping), my Shea Moisture shampoo–when I do buy it–is $11, my jojoba oil is about $12, and my aloe vera juice is $10. I did buy the Shea Moisture deep treatment twice now, but after giving it the old college try, I decided I don’t like it enough to keep it as a staple (video review to follow).

In other news, I’m nearly 4 weeks into my protective style challenge. For the past week, I’ve been wearing my hair in small twists, keeping my hair covered in wraps. This upcoming week I’m either going to bun my twists under my Marley bun again or search for an updo I can tolerate. -sigh- All for the sake of length retention. I can’t wait to do a length check on December 23rd! I’m not expecting a huge length gain, but I am expecting a noticeable difference.

20121025-200729.jpgYou can really see how much shorter my hair is. My twists even when they were shrunken were just past my shoulders last time I did this. I hate to dwell on it, but they would have been to my collar bone had I not gotten lazy with my genie locs. I’m so mad. Lesson learned, man, lesson learned. smh

Here’s a few more with my twists bunned under my marley hair.20121025-202625.jpg


20121025-203036.jpgPretty cute, no?


4 thoughts on “Tori: Curly Girl Method // Staple Products // Protective Styling Week 3 & 4 (Day 21)

    • At the time this post was written, yes I was. Now, I no longer follow the CG method word-for-word, but rather a modified version and I’ve seen great results. My modified version of CG allows me not to have to wash my hair or moisturize as often so I can preserve my twists and they look freshly done until I decide to take them down. In this way, I don’t have problems with frizzing from washing and reapplying conditioner like I did when this was written.

  1. I’m about two and a half weeks in. Twisted cornrows under hats or wigs so far. 🙂 loving your Marley hair! Considered twisting my hair with it later on this fall/winter.

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