Nail Trends of Fall 2012

This year’s Fall trends incorporate hot new color blends, textures, and top coats, including suede, leather, rubber, and velvet! Check these out…

Nail Trends:

    Ombré Nails & Glitter


These nails are GORGEOUS and my personal favorite! The Ombré look has been hot all year, but this season takes it a little further, incorporating glittery top coats and shades of blue, burgundy, and emerald.

Easy Ombré Nails: Take a solid color and paint the nail. Once it it dries, take a makeup sponge and put a drop of a colored, glittery top coat, or secondary polish, in a contrasting color at the tip of the sponge. Begin dabbing lightly from the tip toward the middle of the nail (only halfway toward the cuticle), creating a feathering effect. From here, you may now take your secondary shade or colored glitter top coat and use the brush to fill in the color at the very tip of the nail, giving the appearance of fading into an opaque color. Once that dries, apply a clear top coat to finish.
Experiment with this look by mixing and matching with different color combos and topcoats and layering different colors like the nails below.


For this look, take a clear or pink tinted top coat and paint the nail, then follow the same instructions above for the glitter gradient.


    Velvet & Suede


The velvet polish kit can be found at Sephora in navy and fuschia for about $20. It involves painting the nail, applying the top coat, and then sprinkling the velvet powder on top of the nail, then once it dries, brushing away the excess.
If you don’t want to be bothered with the process of velvet nails, OPI has a great suede polish available in a variety of colors. You get virtually the same texture with less fuss.

    Reverse French Manicure


A twist on a classic. The usual pink with white tips has been reinvented with mixes of all colors. Instead of the tips being lined, the part of the nail in front of the cuticle is lined.
To get this look, paint your nails the color you would like the cuticle area to be. Once it’s dry, tape the cuticle area and paint the exposed nail your secondary color. When that dries, remove the tape and voila!

You can also apply the same method used to create this look toward making designs, such as stripes and zigzags.

    Metallic Nails


Make your nails look like they’re dipped in solid gold and silver! Essie has a five color line of metallic nail polish in Blue Rhapsody, Penny Talk (copper), Good as Gold, Nothing Else Metals (lavender), and No Place Like Chrome.



This polish is unique in the fact that it dries with a rubber-like finish. It is from the Illamasqua brand of nail color. It isn’t actual rubber, of course, but it’s been said that it lasts longer than normal nail varnish. This innovative polish is available at Sephora.

    Matte & Iridescent Top Coats


The matte top coat allows for a subtle yet stunning effect. It’s an ideal way to create dazzling texture effects when coupled with normal polish.
The iridescent top coat lets you turn any polish into an iridescent color with a dash of glam.

What’s your take on these Fall nail fashions?


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